**LOTD 139**

Look básico, porque aqui o foco é a make up  da Face Paint e as poses da querida Morgane Batista (set específico para poses de close – tudo de bom!)

Hair: Vanity Hair: Sunset Blvd. V.2
Dress:  ISON – v-cut dress  (black)
Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Nightingale – Silver
Shoes: TDR 2 years pumps GIFT black
Poses: by Morgane Batista

Make up: ! Face Paint Audry 7/ ! Face Paint Carley makeup 1 / ! Face Paint Caryn 3

Make up: ! Face Paint Cleo Blue / ! Face Paint Cleo Blue no lip  / ! Face Paint Desire Red

Make up: ! Face Paint Metallic Blue liner and Lash  w lip / ! Face Paint Nef 3/ ! FP Wilding Silver

Make up: !FP Cranberry Kisses no lip / !FP Laurelrose Makeup 4 / !FP Lip Paint Screaming Orchids

Make up: !FP Raidy #3 / !FP Siren 5 / !FP Spirit Makeup 2

 Make up: !FP Spring Pop 2 / !FP Temptress v2 Smoke / !FP Valentine Red

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